Information security: the non-negotiables for digital healthcare

Episode 23 October 08, 2020 00:29:24
Information security: the non-negotiables for digital healthcare
The Post-Acute POV
Information security: the non-negotiables for digital healthcare

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In this episode of the MatrixCare Podcast, Navin Gupta, SVP of the Home and Hospice Division at MatrixCare, sits down with Todd Friedman, Chief Information Security Officer at ResMed, Brian Tolkkinen, Director of Information Security at MatrixCare, and Stephen Squires, Director of Information Security at Brightree, to discuss the non-negotiables every provider should have when engaging with digital healthcare. Discover basic best practices to keep your data and information secure and tips on how to react to incidents or breaches.

To properly protect your organization’s information and ensure compliance with regulatory and industry requirements, it’s imperative to have a strong security program. Listen in as they dive deeper into what ResMed’s security program entails and what providers should look for when creating their own security strategy.


  1. How can companies best protect their sensitive data? Security governance is a big topic. So, help us understand what role does that play in being able to craft a great security program?


  1. Another area, as we think about security programs, is how do we handle vulnerability management? What can you tell us about that?


  1. What is the importance of good, robust security program?


  1. Risk is incredibly important for organizations' to be able to manage. So, in the context of security, help us understand risk management?


  1. Talk to us a little bit about what do we do with regards to monitoring… What does monitoring look like in a good security program?


  1. What does good incident response look like?


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