Telehealth insights for SNFs to manage out of hospital health

Episode 22 September 29, 2020 00:21:33
Telehealth insights for SNFs to manage out of hospital health
The Post-Acute POV
Telehealth insights for SNFs to manage out of hospital health

Sep 29 2020 | 00:21:33


Show Notes

In this episode of the MatrixCare Podcast, Kevin Whitehurst, SVP of the Skilled Nursing Solutions at MatrixCare, sits down with Frank Nash, Product Manager of CareCommunity to chat about trending topics within the industry, including telehealth visits, CMS changes due to COVID-19 (coronavirus), and the workflow impact to the nurses on the frontlines.  

Frank Nash has a range of experience within the healthcare technology market and has helped deliver SaaS-based (software-as-a-service) solutions to support out of hospital care for over 7 years. With a deep understanding of the industry, Frank shares his thoughts on how skilled nursing providers should leverage telehealth to help manage out of hospital health. Listen to the podcast to hear his tips on what to look for in a telehealth solution.

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  1. Why is telehealth an important topic now and what will its impact be in the long-term?
  2. What CMS changes have occurred due to COVID-19?
  3. What industry trends have we seen with the adoption of telehealth?
  4. Should providers be concerned once the HIPAA rules regarding telehealth expire?
  5. How well are the physicians adopting telehealth and is it providing value?
  6. What has the impact been to the nurses on the frontlines? Will telehealth support their needs? Has there been any difficulty for them using a telehealth solution?
  7. How can a telehealth solution improve the quality of life for both residents and their families?
  8. What should SNF providers look for when pursuing a telehealth solution? What recommendations and tips do you have?


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