EVV, COVID-19, and staying focused on patient care

Episode 21 August 24, 2020 00:28:19
EVV, COVID-19, and staying focused on patient care
The Post-Acute POV
EVV, COVID-19, and staying focused on patient care

Aug 24 2020 | 00:28:19


Show Notes

In this episode of the MatrixCare Podcast, Navin Gupta sits down with Bobby Lolley, executive director of the Home Care Association of Florida (HCAF). Listen in as they chat about trending themes within the industry; such as, electronic visit verification (EVV), COVID-19 (coronavirus), and staying focused on patient care.

About HCAF

HCAF is a trade association representing the home care industry. However, they do a number of things beyond representation, from advocacy to education, and more. Their mission is to be able to serve patients and clients in their homes while providing high quality, cost-effective services. So, we're very excited to be able to have Bobby join us on this episode.

Bobby has 20+ years in the healthcare industry, with a range of experience from the ICU, to home care, and hospice. His experiences have varied from being a per diem staff nurse in a small rural community to a regional director for a large national chain. Learn more about Bobby and his thoughts on EVV, COVID-19, and patient care.

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