The 4 pillars of a successful COVID-19 response with Dr. Dheeraj Mahajan, President and CEO of Chicago Internal Medicine Practice & Research (CIMPAR)

Episode 28 November 05, 2020 00:34:28
The 4 pillars of a successful COVID-19 response with Dr. Dheeraj Mahajan, President and CEO of Chicago Internal Medicine Practice & Research (CIMPAR)
The Post-Acute POV
The 4 pillars of a successful COVID-19 response with Dr. Dheeraj Mahajan, President and CEO of Chicago Internal Medicine Practice & Research (CIMPAR)

Nov 05 2020 | 00:34:28


Show Notes

In this episode, Kevin Whitehurst, SVP of the Skilled Nursing Solutions at MatrixCare, sits down with Dr. Dheeraj Mahajan (Dr.Raj), MD, to discuss the 4 pillars of a successful COVID-19 response for skilled nursing providers. With important themes ranging from infection control and testing, we uncover best practices and ways providers can stay ahead of the pandemic.

Dr. Raj is the President and CEO of the Chicago Internal Medicine Practice and Research (CIMPAR). With his experience running his own practice and assisting local and state health departments on COVID-19 response guidelines, Dr. Raj, goes over the four key areas to ensure success. Listen in as we unpack these pillars and discuss ways technology can help providers stay ahead of the curve.

Questions asked during the interview

  1. Why don't we begin with you telling us about yourself and your experience with the pandemic?
  2. Why don't we start with the first pillar of success and tell us about infection control?
  3. Can you share with our listeners what you understand about testing and what your recommendations are?
  4. We hear a lot out there about PPE. PPE being the third pillar of success, can we talk about that?
  5. So moving on to the fourth pillar of success, and this is again, like the other three topics we hear about all the time and it's staffing. Let's talk about that, Dr. Raj.
  6. What can you share with our listeners about your experience with technology and also what you see necessary for the future?
  7. What does it look like for the future of this industry, the future of healthcare after what we've experienced and what we're currently experiencing, because now we're hearing about vaccines and new medications, what does this all mean?


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