Hospice and palliative care in a COVID-19 world with Edo Banach, President and CEO, NHPCO

Episode 27 October 28, 2020 00:27:31
Hospice and palliative care in a COVID-19 world with Edo Banach, President and CEO, NHPCO
The Post-Acute POV
Hospice and palliative care in a COVID-19 world with Edo Banach, President and CEO, NHPCO

Oct 28 2020 | 00:27:31


Show Notes

In this episode of the MatrixCare podcast, Navin Gupta, SVP of the Home and Hospice Division at MatrixCare, sits down with Edo Banach, President and CEO of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO), to chat about the impacts of the pandemic on hospice and palliative care and where he believes the industry is headed. During a time when so much is unknown for care providers, we discuss the need to provide pre-acute care, balancing telehealth and in-person visits, and how we can support those who have been most impacted by COVID-19.

Listen in as Edo provides expert insight on the current state of the industry and what hospice and palliative care organizations should prepare for in the future.  

Questions we asked during this episode:

  1. Share with us a little bit about your origin story and your passion for the aging.
  2. How did you find your purpose and calling?
  3. What do you see as the major positive and negative dynamic forces for caregivers?
  4. How has the pandemic changed the post-acute care landscape?
  5. Where is Congress and the administration headed with the use of RPM and telehealth and making some of these tools impermanent?
  6. What should leaders pay attention to regarding Medicare?
  7. How are EMI plans growing?
  8. What is your point of view on community-based palliative care and the reimbursement models emerging out of it?
  9. How far are we from getting some sort of community-based palliative care programs in place?
  10. Can you share a story you might've observed in the NHPCO network of either exemplary leadership or a caregiver who went above and beyond?



The content in this presentation is for informational purposes only and is provided “as-is.” Information and views expressed herein, may change without notice. Given the fluidity of the current regulatory environment due to the pandemic, we encourage you to seek, as appropriate, regulatory and legal advice on any of the matters covered in this presentation.

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