Simplifying clinician workflows using technology with Joy Herring, vice president of clinical analytics, LTC Consultants

Episode 54 October 14, 2022 00:29:34
Simplifying clinician workflows using technology with Joy Herring, vice president of clinical analytics, LTC Consultants
The Post-Acute POV
Simplifying clinician workflows using technology with Joy Herring, vice president of clinical analytics, LTC Consultants

Oct 14 2022 | 00:29:34


Show Notes

In this episode of the Post-Acute POV, our host Amy Ostrem, vice president of strategy and portfolio management for MatrixCare, is joined by Joy Herring, vice president of clinical analytics for LTC Consultants, Cassie Diner, RN, MatrixCare product manager, and Kelly Danielson, MatrixCare clinical product manager. The group has a conversation on the importance of simplifying workflows for caregivers and clinicians using technology.

Join Amy, Joy, Cassie, and Kelly as they discuss the tools and data that matter most when it comes to senior care, improving resident care, increasing productivity, and the importance of machine learning to drive more proactive care and interventions. This episode explains how technology can be used to support organizational visibility and regulatory compliance as well as best practices for integrating data into senior living communities. Listen to their discussion below.

Topics discussed during today’s episode:

  1. [01:02 – 03:16]: Amy, Cassie, Joy, and Kelly introduce themselves and provide a brief insight into their experience supporting post-acute care technology.
  2. [03:30 – 05:43]: Cassie shares how technology can streamline the onboarding process for a new caregiver or agency staff member and help them build confidence in their role.
  3. [6:00 – 7:51]: Kelly provides insight on how machine learning can also help a new caregiver by providing resident baselines, identifying residents/patients with higher acuity levels, and supplying alerts like out-of-range vitals.
  4. [8:13 – 11:22]: Joy details the value her organization has gained since utilizing Clinical Advanced Insights including individualized interventions and improved outcomes. Joy and Cassie dive deeper into a resident scenario by detailing how technology can be used to help a resident/patient who has been identified as high-risk.
  5. [11:32 – 13:28]: Cassie shares how having a mobile device can help caregivers spend more time with residents/patients. Kelly provides an example of how technology can help manage triggers and alerts and expedite documentation.
  6. [13:50 - 16:50]: Cassie speaks to how technology helps with non-resident or community tasks that staff need to pay attention to during documentation throughout their shift.
  7. [17:17 - 23:46]: Joy explains how an analytics dashboard helps her organization focus on both preventive and proactive care. Cassie and Kelly touch on how visibility throughout an organization is crucial in creating confidence and addressing immediate care needs.
  8. [24:05 - 25:12]: Kelly explains how an actionable dashboard can help directors of nursing and wellness stay on top of their residents’ statuses and make informed care decisions.
  9. [25:27 – 28:19]: Joy describes how technology and analytics can assist with tracking wounds and provide a correlation with infection trends over time.



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