Nutrition beyond the plate with Allison Rainey, APRN, FNB-C, Head of Nursing and Clinical Informatics

Episode 86 June 10, 2024 00:32:18
Nutrition beyond the plate with Allison Rainey, APRN, FNB-C, Head of Nursing and Clinical Informatics
The Post-Acute POV
Nutrition beyond the plate with Allison Rainey, APRN, FNB-C, Head of Nursing and Clinical Informatics

Jun 10 2024 | 00:32:18


Show Notes


In the latest episode of the Post-Acute POV podcast, our host, Amy Wootton, RDN, Head of Product, is joined by Allison Rainey, ARPN, FNB-C, Head of Nursing and Clinical Informatics, and Sandy Hudak, RN, Associate Product Manager, to have a conversation on advanced strategies for nutrition care planning that can be tailored to senior needs. Together, they examine how analytics documentation for PDPM plays a key role in reimbursement.

During their discussion, the trio also explores how nutrition affects the overall health of seniors, new approaches for menu creation and how technology can assist with healthy meals. Tune in for valuable insights about innovative planning strategies designed to support a comprehensive approach to senior health that can lead to improved outcomes.

Topics discussed during today’s episode:  

  1. [00:35 – 02:28]: Amy introduces Allison and Sandy as well as the topic of today’s podcast episode: tackling nutrition beyond the plate.
  2. [02:28 – 05:45]: Allison kicks off the conversation by offering insights on person-centered care planning and the value it brings to our residents and healthcare centers.
  3. [05:45 – 09:56]: Allison goes on to explain the importance of a comprehensive resident view for accurate nutrition planning.
  4. [09:56 – 13:16]: Allison then describes the advanced functionalities that organizations need to leverage when developing high-quality care plans and providing the highest level of care.
  5. [13:16 – 18:05]: Sandy joins the conversation to discuss using data analytics to help monitor the effectiveness of care plans.
  6. [18:05 – 22:56]: Sandy touches on how data analytics can serve as an opportunity to begin nutritional assessments in your organization.
  7. [22:56 – 26:39]: Sandy goes on to discuss how using a data analytics tool can present actionable insights for any organization.
  8. [26:39 – 28:57]: Amy jumps back in the conversation to talk about the value of nutrition management technology for successful meal planning.
  9. [28:57 – 30:59]: Next, Amy offers insight on the benefits of personalized menu plans using a clear understanding of portion requirements that are customized to meet residents’ preferences and needs.
  10. [30:59 – 31:49]: Amy wraps up the conversation discussing how caregivers can reach their nutrition care plan goals. 



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